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PSG – LYON The season has just begun, and the Parisians aren’t just leading, but already 4 points ahead of the closest pursuer.

Out of all the teams from the top 5 European leagues, they are still the only ones who have not lost a single point, having already scored 16 goals (in 5 games)! And this is despite the fact that Messi has not yet fully adapted to the new club. The opponents are just as good – Lyon knows a lot about the attacking game. Two consecutive victories improved the club’s tournament position to 7th place.

They also know how to beat PSG while on the road. For instance, that happened no further than last season, when the guests managed not only to score against the Parisians, but also not to concede a single goal (0:1). It should be noted that such a modest number of goals is rather an exception for these rivals. In their very next match last season, 6 goals were scored. And on average, in the last 10 matches between PSG and Lyon in Ligue 1, at least 3.3 goals per game were scored.

There were no draws at all: 7 wins for PSG, 3 for Lyon. Will the tradition continue?