ATALANTA vs MAN UNITED: Free betting tips

We prepared Free betting tips for your Champions League.

In Group F, 3 teams at once are competing for 2 spots in the playoffs. And no matter how the match between Atalanta – Man United turns out, Villarreal will most likely have the advantage on account of expecting a visit from the group outsider, Young Boys. Atalanta and Man United will also be playing with the Swiss, and 3 additional points will give them room for mistakes in the next matches. Which means the rivals have no choice but to play for a win.

Neither of the teams will be sitting it out in defense. Their football relies on the attack, with the previous match of the group stage being the best proof of that. Atalanta was leading 0:2 on the road, but ended up going home defeated following Man Utd’s comeback (3:2).

The average performance of the Bergamo club is 1.67 goals per game against 1.69 for the Mancunians. At the same time, both rivals concede goals regularly: Atalanta accounts for 2 matches with a clean sheet out of 12 in the season, Manchester – just 1 out of 13. The point is, the opponents will likely attack heavily, fiercely, and probably productively.

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